The most romantic tarot deck ever created!

The Lover’s Path Tarot features classic love stories and myths from around the world. Kris Waldherr, creator of The Goddess Tarot, narrates some of the most romantic love stories of all time while intertwining the tarot and its traditional archetypes.

The Lover’s Path Tarot whispers that all love relationships mirror our relationship with ourselves. Its readers are taken on a journey where emotional and spiritual wisdom are gained by daring to love another. Featuring inspiring lovers such as Cleopatra and Caesar, Arthur and Guinevere, Cupid and Psyche, and nineteen other mythic couples, The Lover’s Path Tarot allows for individual growth and understanding — whether seeking to improve and expand upon a love relationship with one’s partner or one’s self.

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Shown above. 78 card deck, full color softcover book, instruction booklet, layout scroll, gift box

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lovers presented include:

Pamina and Tamino, Merlin and Morgan le Fay, Shahrazade and Shahriyar, Cleopatra and Anthony, Romeo and Juliet, Isis and Osiris, Tristan and Isolde, Brunnhilde and Siegfried, Danae and Zeus, Penelope and Odysseus, Orpheus and Eurydice, Pluto and Persephone, Venus and Vulcan, Paolo and Francesca, Aeneas and Dido, Dante and Beatrice, Cupid and Psyche, Tannhauser and Elisabeth, Ariadne and Bacchus

praise and reviews

“When doing tarot readings, I have found that the most frequently asked questions involve love and relationships. The Lover’s Path Tarot Set by artist and writer Kris Waldherr not only answers queries about partnership issues, it also offers insights into how our relationships with others mirror our relationships with ourselves. . . Handsomely packaged in a red box with a Velcro closure, The Lover’s Path Tarot Set is one of the prettiest presentations I have seen — a delightful and unique set to give or to own. Whether your customers are tarot experts or novices, this gorgeous deck is sure to captivate them.”
New Age Retailer

“The Lover’s Path Tarot comes to us from the creator of the Goddess Tarot, Kris Waldherr, and while the highly acclaimed Goddess Tarot is a tribute to the talented painter and storyteller, Waldherr outdid her own formidable reputation with this latest. She had to be immersed in the creative artists’ “zone” every minute of the 10 years it took to create The Lover’s Path Tarot. My head can’t stop saying, “how wonderful!” and my heart echoes, “how beautiful!” when I look at these cards. I can’t help myself — I am in book-lover’s ecstasy, too, over the find of a new “Precious” for my substantial hoard . . . If romantic themes, mythology and beauty intrigue you, The Lover’s Path will be winding its way into your tarot collection very soon.”
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