Coming Spring 2019
from Touchstone Books.


A Victorian era reworking of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in the gothic tradition of Wuthering Heights and The Thirteenth Tale.

When famed poet Hugh de Bonne is discovered dead, his cousin Robert Highstead, a post-mortem photographer, is charged with a simple task: transport Hugh’s corpse for burial in a chapel. The chapel, a stained glass folly set on the moors of Shropshire, was built by Hugh sixteen years earlier to house the remains of his beloved wife, Ada. Since then, the chapel has been locked and abandoned, a pilgrimage site for rabid fans of the poet’s last book, The Lost History of Dreams. But simple tasks are rarely as they appear. Desperate to protect Ada’s grave from disturbance, Ada’s grief-stricken niece Isabelle refuses to unlock the chapel. Robert persists, and a bargain is struck: in exchange for unlocking the chapel, he agrees to write the story of Ada and Hugh’s marriage for Isabelle over the course of five nights. However, Robert has secrets of his own. Three years after an elopement that led to a tragic event, his fragile wife Sida still isn’t as she’d been. Nor is he.

As Isabelle reveals Ada and Hugh’s tale—a lost history of forbidden love that curiously mirrors Robert’s own—he finds himself caught between desire for the enigmatic Isabelle and loyalty to Sida. Soon the mystery of Ada and Hugh’s marriage begins to unravel, as does the mystery behind Robert’s troubled wife and his morbid profession. Now Robert must decide what matters most: protecting the disturbing secret that strikes at the heart of his past, or confronting Isabelle, who may hold the key to his future.

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Above: Photograph by Julia Margaret Cameron of Julia Jackson, 1867.