Bad Princess by Kris Waldherr

Coming February 2018!


“Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” — Diana, Princess of Wales

Bad Princess presents over thirty true life princess stories, ranging from the once upon a time of the war-torn Dark Ages to the desperate princess wars of sixteenth century England; from the American “dollar” princesses of the nineteenth century Gilded Age to the more recent royal experiences of Princess Diana and her daughter-in-law Kate. Their out-of-the-ordinary lives present a magic mirror to reflect what happens when the Cinderella dream goes south in a stolen carriage. Bad Princess also explores how these royal fantasies first sprang to life, pulling back the velvet curtain to contrast fantasy versus reality.

Interweaving royal biography, history, and pop culture with insight, Bad Princess is a witty and fascinating examination of all things pink and royal. It offers a thinking girl’s look at what it means to be a princess, enabling her to reclaim this most feminine of role models—whether or not it involves glass slippers and a pink gown.

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