King of the Roost

Posted on May 16, 2017 in creativity, NEWS + MUSE, novels + fiction, the world around me

Someone is settling nicely into their new abode. As for myself, I’m settling into what I hope will be the final revisions (save for the usual last fine tuning) of the Next Novel. Right now, I’m about halfway through line edits. Getting close!

I like to organize my revisions using spread sheets. Much easier to see at a glance what’s what for this visual girl.

HNS 2017: Looking for Stories in Art

Posted on Apr 26, 2017 in events, NEWS + MUSE, novels + fiction, stuff I like, the world around me

It’s no secret that I love attending Historical Novel Society conferences. Ever since I got involved in this fiction writing thing, I’ve attended three of the North America conferences and one in London. This year’s North American confab, which will take place in Portland in late June, promises to be especially good with Pulitzer-prize winning novelist Geraldine Brooks and David Ebershoff, acclaimed author of The Danish Girl, as guests of honor. As for myself, I’ll be on two panels, including one about how art can serve as inspiration for historical fiction.

Now that we’re two months away from the conference, my talented co-panelist, Stephanie Renée dos Santos, has written a post about our upcoming panel:

The niche of art in historical novels is one that continues to flourish and interest readers for the lives of artists and art are as colorful as the painter’s palette.

Sounds intriguing, amirite? Go forth and read the rest here.

Lilac season!

Posted on Apr 19, 2017 in muse, NEWS + MUSE, stuff I like, the world around me

Photographed recently at Blue House. Their scent is intoxicating!