Bad Princess: ready, set~~

Posted on Jan 15, 2018 in books + more, events, NEWS + MUSE, queens + princesses

And go—well, almost!

Now that we’re heading into just-over-two-weeks until publication, things are going to get very Bad Princess-ish around here. First off, the Bad Princess blog tour will be launching on January 22nd—a mere week from now! To find out where and when, scroll down here for the details.

Secondly, the Bad Princess book launch is set for February 11 in Brooklyn. I’m especially pleased it will be a kid-oriented fundraiser to benefit three of my favorite girl-oriented nonprofits—we’ll have tiara making, a #BadPrincessParty selfie station, and even a royal scavenger hunt with prizes. If that’s not enough enticement, the launch is my only scheduled NYC book signing. Space is limited, so if you plan to attend, give us a shout here.

And off we go!

until Bad Princess is published.


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The view from my studio on this sunny snowy day.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m back to sharing monthly Snippet Sunday* posts now that my debut novel The Lost History of Dreams has a publisher. If that’s not enough excitement for you, I’ve also set up a new category for it, which includes previous excerpts from earlier drafts. (Living the dream, people. 😉 )

For my first The Lost History of Dreams snippet of 2018, I’ve decided to post the start of my second chapter, which is written from a close third person point of view of my protagonist, a post-mortem photographer named Robert.

It is not an average day when a gentleman is asked by his brother to daguerreotype a deceased cousin. The day is even less average when the gentleman in question has never met this cousin.


Once his wife had spied the letter, Robert could no longer ignore it. She’d forced him to read it. “You can’t avoid the past, Robert,” she said, her lips pursing as she prepared for what might be.


*For those not in the know, Snippet Sunday is a monthly meme organized by Stephanie Dray where historical authors post short snippets of their novels. For the sake of organization, I’ve decided to post mine on the first Sunday of the month.

Excerpt from The Lost History of Dreams © Kris Waldherr (Touchstone Books 2019). All rights reserved.


Bad Princess site is officially live!

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bad princess site photo

Check it out at! I’ve posted book launch info, downloadable crowns, reviews, and more. There’s even an exclusive PDF excerpt from Bad Princess, courtesy of the good people at Scholastic Press.

As for the Bad Princess book launch, it will be held on February 11, 2018 at 4pm in glorious downtown Brooklyn. The launch will be a kid-friendly fundraiser to benefit three of my favorite girl-oriented nonprofits. Get the official scuttlebutt here.

In other book news, I’ll be returning to my first-of-the-month Snippet Sunday excerpts now that The Lost History of Dreams has a publishing home at Touchstone Books. I hope you’ll check back tomorrow for it!

until Bad Princess is published.