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Doomed Queens: Royal Women Who Met Bad Ends, From Cleopatra to Princess Di

“It isn’t often that one encounters a book that invites the reëmergence of childhood fantasies, then eviscerates them in a few words. Even less common is the book that manages to make the process utterly satisfying. Such is the rush I got from Kris Waldherr’s deliciously perverse “Doomed Queens: Royal Women Who Met Bad Ends from Cleopatra to Princess Di…. “Doomed Queens” is also a concise, humorous, and keenly observed history of women and power…. With all the inane princess stories out there, a collection that highlights the historical downside is a welcome corrective.”
The New Yorker

“If you need an antidote to the Disney-fied princess culture popular among young girls today, this dishy, irreverent book is it.”
Atlanta Journal Constitution

“It’s refreshing to read history from a distinctly female point of view…. And to make the book more universally charming, Waldherr has included paper dolls you can cut out and assassinate over and over and over again. Just pick your poison or bonfire or whatever morbidity strikes your fancy.”
Baltimore Sun

“A smart, sassy overview of the ‘dark side’ of the crown and scepter. It makes a girl glad she was born a commoner.”
–Robin Maxwell, bestselling author of Mademoiselle Boleyn

“A fascinating journey through thousands of years of the world’s most dangerous job — being queen!”
–Eleanor Herman, author of Sex with the Queen

The Lover’s Path

“Complete with gilded edges and marbled pages, Kris Waldherr’s The Lover’s Path plunges readers into the mysterious and exhilarating world of sixteenth-century Venice . . . the artistry of the book is delightful—passionate love letters are placed in tiny envelopes, fantastical drawings accompany the stories from the journal, and brilliant tarot-card-like imagery flashes across each page. The Lover’s Path is an easy read and a visual adventure.”
Women in the Arts, the Magazine of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

“With this illustrated novel, Waldherr has spun a wondrous story spilling over with mythological figures, with tarot cards and personal letters. You’re pulled into a vortex of a 16th century romance centered on Filamena Ziani, the younger sister of a famous courtesan in Venice . . . Filamena becomes a singer, a composer and independent, which was unheard of for women of that time. Waldherr, who based her novel on a real-life courtesan, also created the illustrations for her book.”
The Albuquerque Journal

“Prepare to be transported to 16th century Venice from the first page. This novel is a feast—a full-color picture book for adults that tells a wrenching story of eternal love…. This beautiful fable reminded me of Erica Jong’s Serenissima, except without the explicit sex.”
NPR Books

“Voluptuous illustration and enthralling narrative are accompanied by fun-to-open letters, maps, and tarot cards in this extraordinary testament to the strength of the feminine spirit.”
WNBC/B(u)y the Book

Sacred Animals

“Using the elements of earth, air, water, and fire as organizational themes, this splendid book captures the rich diversity of animals as depicted in story, myth, and nature. . . . Glorious, illuminated color illustrations, with exquisite decorative borders are certain to engage browsers.”

“This lovely browsing book has wondrous art and just enough information to whet the appetite of fantasy fans. . . . The illustrations are the highlight of this offering.”
School Library Journal


This beautiful, earthy book is a child’s hymn to harvest time.”
School Library Journal

This beautifully designed book features detailed watercolor-and-gouache paintings in rich fall colors. . . . Gets to the essence of the harvest in a story even young children can understand.

The Goddess Tarot

“The bestselling Goddess Tarot, derived from The Book of Goddesses, reflects the feminism of today, with sales shooting up 500 percent over last year.”
Living in Stamford Magazine

“Possibly the most beautiful tarot deck ever to be created is The Goddess Tarot . . . Each and every card reminds us that women can rise to any occasion with power and grace.”
—Barbara Fianco,

The Book of Goddesses

The Book of Goddesses is the best book yet for young children on the goddess. Gorgeously illustrated, beautifully written, and multi-cultural. A must for every Goddess-centered household. Sure to be a classic.”
—Starhawk, Spiral Dance

“A delicious, lushly illustrated book which will lift the spirits of the little women coming up in the twenty-first century!”
—Zsuzsanna Budapest, The Goddess in the Bedroom

Persephone and the Pomegranate

“Waldherr’s Pre-Raphaelite characters play out their drama against a vivid sword-and-sorcery landscape. . . . Mother and daughter dance through an enchanted woodland; rearing black horses erupt in fire from a crack in the earth. The dramatic oil paintings are matched by a quality of myth and magic in the prose.”
The New York Times Book Review

“A beautifully done retelling of the major mother-daughter myth.”
—Jean Shinoda Bolen, PhD., Goddesses in Everywoman